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130-MILE PARTNERSHIP: Wolverhampton and Hull join to deliver out-of-area private hire vehicle checks

Image credit: WVProtect (x)

Wolverhampton licensing authorities joined forces with their counterparts in Hull and the Humberside Police to deliver licensing checks on vehicles working over 130 miles outside of their licensed area.

The collaboration on 23 January ensured that licensed vehicles working that day adhered to safety standards set.

Images shared on social media provided a glimpse into the operation. Notably, one of the scrutinised Wolverhampton private hire vehicles (PHV) was engaged in the task of transporting NHS patients, underscoring the operation's relevance and urgency.

A City of Wolverhampton Licensing spokesperson said: “Compliance officers have teamed up with Hull City Council Licensing & Humberside Police Roadshow to conduct thorough vehicle and driver checks.

“Ensuring safety and compliance on the roads is our top priority.”


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