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422 minicab driver licenses revoked in London

Shocking new statistics gathered by the GMB union show 422 Private Hire drivers in London had their licenses REVOKED between January and July of this year. 

The figure comes via a Freedom

Of Information request by the drivers union. The results also show that 153 of the revoked licenses was because of allegations of criminal activity or gross misconduct. According to The Mirror, 35 of those link back to alleged sexual offences.  The statistic does not break down the minicab firms attached to the attacks.

This latest startling discovery highlights the widespread problems facing the Private Hire industry and also brings into question whether the current DBS safety checks are robust enough.

The findings may also link back to earlier revelations that revealed 13,000 Uber drivers in London needing to undergo new Disclosure Barring Service checks . This was due to the DBS check being used was deemed unsatisfactory and no longer valid.

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