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Taxi trade welcomes the first EV Shell charge station

Today, Shell announces the opening of Shell Recharge – the new on-forecourt Electric Vehicle (EV) rapid charging service. 

Shell Recharge is now available at Shell Holloway (London), Whyteleafe (Surrey) and Derby, and will be launched at a further seven locations within Greater London and Reading by the end of the year.

This comes on the same day as 6 LEVC eCity taxis were launched onto the roads of London to begin professional testing.

Rapid charge stations have long been one of many worrying concerns for drivers. This launch will be seen as a welcome step in the right direction as the trade prepares itself for EV technology. 

Jane Lindsay-Green, Shell UK Future Fuels Manager, said: “Shell Recharge provides Electric Vehicle drivers with a convenient way to charge their cars on-the-go. We’re pleased to offer rapid electric charging on the forecourt, allowing us to broaden the range of fuel choices we deliver.” 

Shell Recharge provides rapid chargers, which charge most cars in approximately 30 minutes. While they charge their vehicle, customers can pick up a drink or snack. 

Jane added, “Shell Recharge will soon be available at ten sites in the UK and will offer EV drivers in these areas a reliable, convenient and subscription-free charging service where they can charge their vehicle and take a break from their journey.”

(Photo: Shell Media)

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