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Channel 4 reporter accuses London cabbie of false imprisonment

A Channel 4 reporter has accused a London cabbie of imprisonment and dangerous driving after a journey allegedly turned heated.

Helia Ebrahimi, a business reporter for the well know media outlet, told Blackfriars Crown Court that London cab driver James Wilkinson held the passenger against her will after a dispute about a fare. 

Ebrahimi was picked up outside the ITN offices but complained about the lack of heating on offer mid-journey.

The cab driver told the jury that he suggested 'you better get out then' as the heater was only blowing cold air. Ebrahimi said she would not be paying for the journey.

Wilkinson at this point turned his vehicle around and dropped the reporter back at the ITN offices. Ebrahimi proceeded to start filming the incident on the journey back and was heard 'begging' him to be released.

It is also alleged that the reporter was knocked down by the door of the vehicle as she was filming the taxi IDs once exiting. 

‘I had bruises on my knees and legs and a trapped sciatic nerve due to the fall on the lower part of my back,’ said Ebrihami to the jury. 

James Wilkinson denies both counts of false imprisonment and dangerous driving. 

He told the courts he turned round due to Ms Ebrahimi's refusal to pay the fare and that he had heard the door of the cab close before driving off.

The trial continues. 

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