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Gett partner Porsche chauffeur promotion

The black cab app Gett has entered into a seemingly reluctant partnership with German car giants Porsche.

Porsche and Gett will run a short-term promotion, where a selection of Porsche customers and people who may consider a Porsche, will be able to order a Porsche on-demand chauffeur service. 

A Gett spokesperson recently told TaxiPoint that they recognise this will be a sensitive issue for some drivers, but hope to provide some reassurance that it's a strictly temporary promotion for Porsche and not open to the general public. 

The partnership arises from from one of Gett's key $300m investors; Volkswagen. One of the well know Volkswagen brands includes Porsche who approached Gett recently, asking to offer Porsche as "on-demand" in the app. Gett refused accourding to a TaxiPoint source.  However, "a comprise had to be offered" given the size of investment.  The only people who can access the Porsche Chauffeur promotion are existing Porsche customers and those (including some high value Gett customers, around 2% of users) who may be interested in buying a Porsche. The promotion is not open to the general public and will last 6 months. There will be a maximum of 100 Porsche vehicles.

A spokesperson also told TaxiPoint that they also insisted on the following key features: 

The promotion will not be available 7 days a week

The promotion will not be available during the morning peak (hours will be 11am to 11pm Tuesday - Thursday and 3pm to 3am Friday and Saturday)

The promotion will end in May 2018

Porsche vehicles involved in the promotion

The cost of a promotional Porsche to the exclusive group will always be significantly higher than a Black Cab

Porsche vehicles will never be sent to a Black Cab job - Black Cab customers could never be sent a Porsche

Gett will not make a single penny from this promotion

No member of the public will see the Porsche promotion in the Gett app. 

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