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Safety fears for drivers working over 60 hours each week

The American minicab app Uber faces fresh questions over the protection offered to its British based drivers who work more than 60 hours each week as fears of passenger safety being put at risk heighten.

Rachel Reeves MP has contacted the controversial ride-hailing operator to find out what safe guards are put in place for those drivers working longer than what is deemed to be an average week. 

The Labour MP wrote to Uber looking for clarity on an earlier question asking “I would be grateful if you could update the Committee on the missing figures of how many and what proportion of drivers work more than 70hrs and 80hrs per week.” 

According to Huffington Post Uber originally said only 6% of it's drivers on the app work longer than 60 hours each week.

Just recently unions like the GMB have expressed concerns over safety for both the driver and passenger; long hours being a key issue. 

Uber's Andrew Byrne revealed at a recent hearing of the Commons committee, that the company was testing a feature that would force drivers to log out if they surpassed more than 12 hours in one day.

According to Uber drivers “spend an average of 30 hours a week logged into” its app.

“However, this is not the same as the number of hours spent driving since drivers can log in while on a break or doing other things.

“We take the issue of tired driving seriously, which is why we regularly remind drivers to take rest breaks and will shortly be introducing hours limits in our app.”

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