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Gridlock: Khanage and chaos on London's streets

Whether you drive, walk, cycle, ride a horse or travel by a sedan being carried by 4 man-servants, you cannot possibly fail to notice that London has become almost completely gridlocked in certain areas of the City and the West End.

The plethora of roadworks along major roads and arteries that have recently sprouted up, like strangulating weeds in a garden, are quite breathtaking. 

Fuming drivers have been led on a "not-so-merry dance" around London as they are diverted away from one set of roadworks, straight into the path of another set of roadworks.

The worst offending roadworks seem to be those within the City of London, an area that has seen journey times increase by an incredible 54% according to the Licensed Taxi Drivers Association. This evidence can ne corroborated by anecdotal evidence across the board from many taxi drivers as well as private hire drivers. I myself have encountered a situation where a 15 to 20 minute journey between St Pauls Underground Station to the cancer unit at Guys Hospital took over 50 minutes, resulting in the customer being late for their appointment.

The vulgar display of arrogance shown by some within the highways department of the City of London council has caused clear and tangible damage to the traffic flow within the square mile. The taxi industry along with the general public has had to tolerate not just the Bank Junction exclusion, but closures of periphery roads including Threadneedle Street,  Fenchurch Street, Cannon Street, Moorgate as well as major works in Bishopsgate.....the list goes on.

Running in tandem with the City of Londons abomination comes the inexplicable stupidity of the cycle lane running westbound on Bayswater Road....alongside the cycle lane in Hyde Park,  the cycle lane on the embankment which now has works on it, the closure of Chelsea Embankment,  this isnt even the tip of the iceberg. 

Transport for London speak of intolerable congestion and pollution within London....and yet are directly responsible with hairbrained traffic management schemes.

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