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Cabbie karma: bilkers dropped £120 as they make their getaway

Three men who ran off without paying for their cab journey got their comapance when they dropped £120 during their getaway. An off duty police officer saw the men running and witnessed the money being dropped. He managed to grab the cash and within hours the authorities were able to had the money over to the driver. Cab driver, Mr Hamed was pictured smiling alongside the officers. As reported in the Metro The police wrote on Facebook:

‘It’s rare that we can get a result for taxi drivers in these circumstances, and if we do, it usually takes time or gets bogged down in policy and procedure.

‘We thought it would be nice to offer up some swift poetic justice, and £120 sounded about right for the fare and damage. ‘If it was your £120 and you think we’ve been unfairin, please get in touch" Somehow I don't think anyone will get in touch.  

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