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LTDA pledge £5,000 to help keep Worboys locked up

The LTDA have pledged £5,000 towards a crowdfunding appeal against the high profile release of John Worboys. The appeal fund was set up by two victims of Worboys and aimed to raise £10,000 to pay for a judicial review to uncover the reasons why the parole board chose to release the serial attacker.  

Steve McNamara, General Secretary of the LTDA, phoned LBC who were covering the topic and spoke to the radio presenter live on air. McNamara said “Worboys was an aberration on our proud 300-year history of serving London safely and securely,” 

“This man did more to damage our reputation than we thought possible. “Our members are furious he’s going to be let out, we thought we’d never see him on the streets again.” McNamara finally added much to the surprise of LBC presenter Iain Dale “Basically we’re going to make it up to £10,000 or whatever it is now and we’re going to put in £5,000.”

Well done the LTDA!

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