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TfL approve Ford shuttle bus service to operate in London

Fords new shuttle bus service, Chariot, has been approved by TfL, to run four set routes across the city, with bookings for the journeys taken through their ride-hailing app. The cost of the bus service with be £2.40, that's 90 pence more than what a normal bus fare would cost, but you'll get a guaranteed seat on Fords service. The shuttle bus service already runs in five US cities and is said to be a success. Reported in the Guardian , a TfL spokesperson has said: 

“After a thorough licensing process, we have issued Chariot with a licence to operate their service on four routes as a trial basis. This service has the potential to provide useful transport links in the areas they will serve, largely outside central London, and we will carefully monitor this trial.” The four routes that have been approved are said to be south of the river Thames, servicing areas without tube stations.  

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