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GMB protest for Oxford taxi driver sacked allegedly for being trade union member

GMB, the union for taxi drivers, organised a mass protest in Oxford on Saturday after a family man was sacked - allegedly for his trade union activities. Mohammed Fadllalla has worked for 001 Taxis for nearly 20 years, where his main role was a regular school run taking children to and from school.

The GMB member had organised many drivers at 001 into the union. Mr Fadllalla approached the owner of the firm, Mark Green, to see if the company would recognise the union. He was then sacked on the January 5, 2018, with no explanation. The decision was appealed and GMB has written to the company stating concerns. Mr Fadllalla has a wife and children that rely on his income. 001 Taxis were not content with sacking him and taking away his livelihood, they also wanted to blacklist him and put an unfounded complaint to the council in a bid to try to prevent him from driving children around. The accusations were thrown out by the council. Rebecca Mitchell, GMB Organiser, said: “This protest is in anger at the treatment of a decent, hard-working family man whose only crime appears to be membership of a trade union. “001 Taxis’s failed complaint to get him banned from taking jobs on the school run is particularly abhorrent. “Saturday’s demo is about highlighting the bullying culture that exists within 001 taxis - and to ask them to reinstate our member.” 

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