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Comcast CEO says knowledgeable London Black Taxi driver helped convince him to bid for Sky TV

When Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast Corp, was weighing an offer for Sky, a trip in a traditional London Taxi seemed to help make up his mind to bid a whopping $31 billion for the TV giants. “The cab driver was incredibly knowledgeable about the difference between Virgin and Sky in every feature,” Roberts told reporters on Tuesday. “We were learning a lot there. Then when we went to the Sky store, we spent at least an hour going through every feature and comparing it to our own... We were really terribly impressed.” he said in an article published in Reuters .

Comcast Corp (CMCSA.O) would become the world’s largest pay-TV operator if the bid for Sky Plc (SKYB.L) succeeds, 

I wonder if the London Cabbie will be welcomed to a lifetime of Sky TV if the bid is accepted.  

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