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Uber driver carries on working after failing to notice sleeping baby in his vehicle

In an incident that defies belief, an Uber driver managed to drive off and continue working, not realising that at a customers baby was still in the back of his vehicle.

Elisabeth Katompa was travelling with her daughter Olivia-Hope to Tottenham in the Uber vehicle on February 28th at around 11pm, when upon alighting, the driver inexplicably drove off before the Ms Katompa could get Olivia out of the car. 

The frantic mother and her sister, chased the driver up the road but were unable to catch him.

Incredibly, the driver then picked up another passenger, who didn't question as to why there was a baby in the vehicle. 

It was only after the driver then picked up yet another passenger, that he realised that Olivia-Hope was still in his vehicle.

Thankfully Olivia-Hope was reunited with her parents after the driver took the baby to Bishopsgate Police Station at just after midnight.

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