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Brighton cabbies protest against neighbouring licensing authority

Taxi drivers from Brighton converged on its neighbouring licensing authority in Lewes to vent frustration at the councils “willingness” to offer private hire licences to drivers wanting to work outside of their licensed area.

Approximately 100 taxi drivers from the busy seaside town made their way east to the home of Lewes District Council demanding more should be done to stop its drivers working outside of their district in Brighton. 

Before the protest took place on Monday (5th March) the council is believed to have said that whilst they understand the frustration this causes the taxi trade in Brighton, the local authority does work within the legislative framework.

George Beresford, a representative from the Independent Taxis Drivers group, said:

“The protest was to highlight issues arising due to Uber’s new plan to regionalise the country. Drivers who have or have had TfL licenses are now going to Lewes Council to gain a licence to then work in Brighton. 

“They are also removing their private hire plates meaning they become no longer identifiable which creates a public safety issue. 

“This action was to bring these issues to the public attention. We hope that Lewes District Council will make their private hire application more rigorous and include stipulations on the private hire vehicles to only be able to work in their own district.”  

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