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Fourth New York City taxi driver commits suicide over ride-hailing apps

In yet another tragic turn of events surrounding the war between New York City taxis and ride-hailing apps, a fourth taxi driver has tragically committed suicide.

Nicanor Ochisor, 65, a taxi driver of 29 years, was found hanged in the garage of his home in Maspeth Queens by his son.

Sadly, this came as no surprise to some as it is alleged that Ochisor had talked of ending his life for some time, blaming the rise of ride-hailing apps that had seen his taxi medallion shrink in value from $1 million to $180,000.

Worryng this is the fourth suicide within the New York City taxi industry in quick succession. In February, Douglas Schifter, took his own life, shooting himself in the head in front of City Hall. A second, unamed man also committed suicide in February. Two months earlier, Danilo Castillo jumped to his death, blaming the taxi industry for his suicide.

Ochisor, had been a taxi driver since 1989, he operated the taxi with his wife, where he worked the nightshift whist she operated the dayshift.

Their plan was to lease their medallion for $3000 upon retirement, this figure had however diminished to around $1400 as medallion values plummeted.

The Daily Mail has said that The New York Taxi Workers Alliance, are organising a rememberance rally for those who have taken their lives which will take place on March 28th. The rally will also be a protest against the unfair competition which has ensued since the arrival of ride-hailing apps.

Bronx Councillor, Reuben Diaz Sr. has proposed a bill that seeks to create a fair playing field. One of the bills proposals is for app-based ride-hailing companies to pay the same fees as New York City's beleaguered taxi drivers.

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