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Uber operations at risk in Glasgow over lack of phone lines and full time manager

The much maligned minicab service Uber is at risk in Glasgow if they fail to address concerns raised by the local council. Glasgow City Council’s Licensing and Regulatory Committee have rejected Uber’s application for a short-term operators licence after submitting a new booking office address. The ride-hailing service is being forced to move from its current location due to renovation works. 

Glasgow’s councillors are however worried that the new booking office would not have a phone number for the public and passengers to complain to and have no full time manager at the premises.  

Uber has until April 18 to quell any concerns the committee may have. If they don’t, it could risk the future of Uber within the Scottish city and affect more than 900 drivers thought to be working on the platform. 

A spokesperson from Uber said: “We’re looking to move offices in Glasgow and in order to do so we need to licence our new premises. “We can continue serving thousands of drivers and riders in the city under our current licence and will re-apply when we have addressed the issues raised today.” 

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