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Uber hit with second European Courts hammer blow

Ride-hailing firm Uber have been hit for a second time by the ECJ after this time battling against French regulators.

This latest ruling means regulators in France were correct and well within their rights to fine the controversial car firm for operating an illegal service. 

The Court of Justice of the European Union, has ruled against Uber for a second time following a recent case involving Spainish drivers whereby Uber were found to be a transportation service, rather than a tech firm. 

The tech status allowed Uber to navigate around regulations put in place on its competitors in the long standing taxi industry across Europe.

This new ruling relates to Uber’s activity in France where a fine of $900,000 was issued in 2016 for running an illegal and unsafe transport service with drivers that were not properly licensed. 

The fine imposed relates to the UberPop option on the app, which uses untrained members of the public as drivers, rather than fully licensed professionals. 

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