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Double amputee crush victim suing Uber for negligence

An Uber passenger who had to have both his legs amputated following an incident which caused severe "crushing" is suing the ride-hailing firm for negligence. Brendan Brock,23, of California, was on a trip in an Uber vehicle when it ran out of gas in the middle of a freeway. Brock then exited the vehicle to help his Uber driver, a Mr Gregory Raymond Lopez, push the vehicle out of the way of approaching traffic. Brock was then struck by another vehicle causing such severe damage, he had to have both his legs amputated. The lawsuit that has been filed names Uber, Lopez and the driver of the other vehicle as the defendants, the New York Post reported. The court filing accuses Lopez of being unfit to operate his Uber vehicle and putting Brock "in a position to be hit by a car". Brock is seeking unspecified damages, but it's been suggested that he is hoping to get between £20 million and £45 million. Brock now has to receive daily care from his parents. Uber have yet to comment on the lawsuit but has said in the past that it's drivers are considered independent contractors and said it's insurance policy is not responsible for any damages beyond the sum of $1 million.  

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