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The pedestrianisation of Upper Street just got real

In one of the first steps in redisigning some of London's most important thoroughfares, Zaha Hadid Architects have drawn up plans to remove traffic from Upper Street,  turning it into a pedestrianised Utopia.

The project, is part of the "Walkable London" initiative,  which is designed to allow pedestrians to walk through an entire unbroken network of thoroughfares, free from traffic.

This particular segment  would also see the closure of Islington High Street and Goswell Road. 

Melodie Lueng, a senior associate at the firm spoke to the Islington Gazette  about the project, and praised Zaha Hadid's director Patrik Schumacher for his vision.

The 182 page plan is in its embryonic stages,  but the plans are sure to cause some serious criticism as to how and where traffic will flow, in what is a major thoroughfare through London.

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