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US judge rules UberBLACK drivers as independent contractors

A judge in Philadelphia, USA, has ruled that drivers that work on Uber's limo service, UberBLACK, are not employees and are independent contractors. Uber are battling against a number of rulings, and this victory could well be considered crucial. The decision was made by U.S district Judge Michael Baylson on Wednesday 11, stating that Uber do not "exert enough control over drivers" who work on the ride-hailing firm's limo service platform. The plaintiffs filed the Philadelphia lawsuit in February 2016 stating that Uber failed to pay them minimum wage and overtime, two of the minimum requirements needed to be met by an employer, but Judge Baylson said that the drivers work when they want to and are free to rest or run personal errands in between rides, benefits that you wouldn't get if you were employees. According to a report in CNBC , a lawyer for the plaintiffs has said he would appeal the ruling.  

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