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Colombian serial killer murdered 60 Taxi drivers over a five year spree

A Colombian man dubbed the 'rope monster' murdered 60 motorbike taxi drivers between 2007 and 2012. Luis Gregorio Ramirez Maestre, 38, would request a ride to the more quieter outskirts of town, where he suffocate the drivers until they were unconscious. Maestre would then tie his victims up to a tree by their neck, legs and arms in a system that would eventually cause death from choking. The prolific killer would watch his victims die slowly before taking one of their possessions as a trophy. Maestre has admitted to killing 23 men, but is believed to of murdered 60. Maestre has claimed to of been ordered to murder the taxi drivers by a paramilitary group, but authorities say that they have found no links between Maestre and any organised crime groups. Luis Gregorio Ramirez Maestre was found guilty of six counts of murder after an investigation that was assisted by the FBI and UK investigation agencies. 23 bodies were eventually found. 37 other drivers are still missing and are believed to of also been murdered by Maestre. Original source: Daily Mail .  

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