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Violent gang who targeted taxi drivers in a number of armed robberies sentenced to over 26 years

Three armed robbers from Newcastle who targeted Taxi drivers with guns and machetes have been sentenced to over 26 years in total. The three serial attackers could be seen posing for pictures holding up the weapons they would use to threaten cab drivers into handing over cash. They would enter the taxi's posing as regular customers but once they were at secluded locations they would pull out their weapons and threaten to kill the drivers if they did not obey. It some cases they would even make the driver kneel on the floor ready to be executed. When the police eventually caught up with the attackers and searched their homes, they found masks from the cult horror movie scream and Guy Fawkes masks, along with balaclavas, an imitation firearm, a machete, a hunting knife and various stolen items.

Al-Hazzar Aremu, Brandon Makumbe and Silindokule Mabaso were all handed down lengthy sentences for a number of robberies that took place in 2017. Aremu, 18, was sentenced to 10 years in a young offenders institute. Makumbe, 21, was jailed for 9 years. Manado, 19, was sentenced to seven-and-a-half years in a young offenders institute. The victims all said they feared for their lives and some have even been unable to return to work as taxi drivers.  

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