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Uber driver charged with rape flees the U.S after posting bail

Uber driver Frederick Amfo, 30, who was charged with raping a female passenger in Massachusetts, was able to flee the country after a mistake was made by a courts clerk. Amfo posted bail after pleading not guilty to the charges, but instead of having to surrender his passport immediately, he was given 24 to hand it over, giving him enough time to flee the country and return back to his native Ghana. 

The court has said that the mistake was made at their end. Amfo was charged with raping a female passenger on April 8 as he drove her home. His alleged victim has spoken in public about the case and has called for a formal investigation into the bail procedure which took place, a report in the New York Post confirmed. Massachusetts law enforcement agencies are now working to bring Amfo back to the U.S for a trial.  

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