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The UK Parking Control suspended and under investigation by the DVLA

UK Parking Control (UKPC) has been suspended by the DVLA following allegations of 'data misuse'. The multi million pound company which has over 2,000 sites nationwide, including NHS, supermarket and retail centre car parks, and a turnover of more than £11.6m is under investigation for failing to follow guidelines which were issued in regards to a previous suspension.  In 2015 the UKPC was served a suspension for admitting to faking time stamps on tickets to catch out drivers. A number of employees were found to have manipulated the system by finding a "loophole" which enabled them to alter times and subsequently issue fines to drivers who had in fact parked legally. After the incident in 2015 the UKPC were prevented from chasing any unpaid fines due to their inability to use the DVLA data to trace drivers addresses. Guidelines were issued but not followed and car park attendants were found to be telling drivers that were issued with tickets that they would still be pursued. According to a report in the Independent , the UKPC claimed its staff misunderstood an email regarding the suspension and its conditions. The DVLA will now investigate the allegations against the parking company. 

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