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Uber driver's accused of “zoning in” on Essex town

Essex private hire firm A & B Taxis have been forced to expand into other areas following an influx of Uber drivers taking work in their usual location. The Basildon firm have been left no choice but to expand into Canvey and Castle Point to drum up enough business to stay afloat. Since Uber introduced "geo-fencing" to their app in March, more and more Uber drivers are patrolling areas such as Basildon to look for work. Whereas before, drivers could pick up in areas such as Southend, Chelmsford and Rayleigh, the new geo-fencing system now blocks any riders requests that would of previously gone to drivers with licences from outside of those areas. Uber drivers are now being accused of "zoning" in on Basildon, an area which has not been included in the geo-fencing. A & B boss Mr Cowley told the echo news that you now see many Uber drivers at Festival Leisure Park and more and more at the station. Local drivers are becoming more and more "disgruntled", and some even suggest that Uber is illegal. Since the geo-fencing was introduced local drivers in Southend say that business is booming for them. But it seems that poor little Basildon are feeling the squeeze as more and more drivers look for work.  

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