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Wiltshere Council acts to protect disabled cab users

In a move to protect disabled passengers from being overcharged by cabbies, Wiltshire Council have taken steps to amend licensing regulations.

The council will be bringing in as part of taxi regulations,  Section 167 of the 2010 Equality Act,  which will protect disabled taxi users from being overcharged or refused service due to wheelchair use.

Drivers can now be fined up to £1000 for breaching the new regulation.

This decision comes on the back of an incident involving Karen Tilley and her wheelchair-bound daughter Josselin,  who were refused service by several cabbies in the Bristol area.

As a result of the refusal three drivers had their licences suspended by the council.

Prior to the change in regulations cabbies could not be held accountable for refusing or overcharging a disabled passenger.

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