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Councillors decide to lower "The Knowledge" pass score in the Highlands

The minimum pass rate for The Knowledge test in the Highlands has been dropped to 75%, down from 85% after councillors agreed this week that the 85% minimum score was "unnecessarily high". The Highland Licensing Committee consulted with taxi and private hire companies and came to the conclusion that the 85% score was no longer a necessity for passing the Highland-wide test because most vehicles are fitted with satnav's to assist drivers. Some councillors did raise some concerns about the lowering of the industry's standards and the effects it may have on tourists using the service. It's important that all drivers have complete knowledge of the tourist attractions around the Highlands as this is a big part of the trades work. According to a report in the Press and Journal , councillors approved the 75% pass mark to be applied immediately. Where do you hold a licence to operate? What test did you have to pass in order to obtain your licence? Would you welcome an amended minimum standards pass rate or do you feel it's more important to maintain high standards within the industry? Let us know in the comments below. 

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