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Bogus driver sentenced to life for rape

A bogus minicab driver has been given a life sentence after being convicted of rape.

67 year old Keith Gillings of Hanway Road will have to serve a minimum of 9 years before being considered for parole.

Harrow Crown Court heard how Gillings lured the 47 year old woman, who had been drinking with friends in Hammersmith, into his vehicle, after the victim had assumed that he was a vehicle plying for hire. 

Gillings then took the victim to her home address where she collected some money. The victim then aked Gillings to take her to a local shop. 

The victim then realised that Gillings was going in the wrong direction to the shop. Upon questioning the drivers route, Gillings claimed that he knew a different shop that would still be open. The victim then attempted to get out of the vehicle as the attacker approached a set of  traffic lights, however she found that the vehicle was locked. Gillings then grabbed the victims wrists to prevent her from trying to escape again.

The victim was then dragged into a block of flats and raped twice.

Detective Sergeant Trevor Struthes, from the Met's Child Abuse and Sexual Offences unit (CASO), said: "Officers carried out a thorough and in-depth investigation which brought a violent and depraved man to justice. They worked tirelessly to support the victim through this ordeal and got her the best possible result when they arrested and charged Gillings.

"He will be spending nearly the remainder of his life behind bars, where he will not be able to attack and harm any other women again."

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