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London Uber driver suspended after being filmed watching TV whilst driving

A driver working for controversial ride-hailing app Uber was caught on film watching football on his iPad while navigating the busy streets of London. His passenger, a 27 year old man was shocked to see his driver gazing at the action on his iPad as they headed to London's ExCel centre. The driver was reported to the police and to Uber themselves who have suspended him while investigations are ongoing. According to a report in the Daily Mail , the driver assured his passenger that it was perfectly safe for him to watch while driving and that there was nothing to worry about. The passenger, a Mr MacLeod, hit social media to express his concerns with a tweet reading:

Uber have always said that it's their policy to prevent private hire drivers from using their app while they investigate serious incidents. Uber are currently operating in London although TfL denied them a new licence. Transport for London granted them the right to continue operations while an appeal is ongoing. The appeal is due to start in June.  

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