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Fake Cornwall Taxi driver sets fire to woman's doormat after she refuses his advances

A fake taxi driver in Falmouth, Cornwall, followed a young woman to her front door after she refused his advances and set fire to her doormat. The police and fire crews were called to the scene of the incident after Sophie Nagappa and two other passengers jumped in what they thought was a genuine taxi at a taxi rank in town. Although the vehicle had no taxi markings on it, Sophie and her two friends assumed it was a legit licensed taxi because she was used to riding in Uber's in Bristol which are also unmarked. During the journey Sophie claimed the driver was driving really fast and continuously slamming on the brakes. The driver is also said to of smoked and made phone calls. The fake taxi driver insisted on attending a party with the three passengers, but when they decided to go home instead he pursued them to their door. They managed to get inside safely but the man could be seen outside. He knocked on the door and walked around the home. Sophie then saw flames from beneath the front door. They managed to put the fire out but were very lucky they were still downstairs and able to see the flames. A description of the man was released, but no arrests have yet been made.  

Report sourced; Metro

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