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British Judo champion convicted of assaulting private hire driver during road rage incident in Londo

A British Judo champion has been convicted of assaulting a private hire driver after a road rage incident last year. Lionel Hibbert, 53, who won the British Judo championship back in 1992, threw minicab driver Zabihullah Habib to the ground following an altercation in Wembley, London. Hibbert had claimed that he acted in self defence as he felt threatened by Habib who he said had called him a black b****** moments earlier. Habib said he had felt a punch to the side of his head which made him fall the the ground, injuring his knee, but Hibbert claims he only used one arm to spin Habib to the ground. Hibbert was also accused of spitting on Mr Habib, but he says he did not spit on him, but onto the windscreen of the vehicle instead,which he has said that he knows was the wrong thing to do.


An eyewitness came forward claiming Hibbert was overly aggressive and did more than just push Habib to the ground. Hibbert told the magistrates: "I represented Great Britain for over fifteen years all over the world competing. "It was minimum force. I just grabbed him and put him on the floor before he could throw a fist at me" Hibbert must now complete 150 hours community service, pay £100 compensation to the victim, £500 costs and an £85 victim surcharge. According to a report in the Sun , Mr Hibbert has said he plans to appeal his conviction.

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