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Uber driver refuses to pick up blind woman and her guide dog before running over her foot

A Rossendale licensed Uber driver, exploiting the cross-border hiring loophole by working in Manchester, has been fined almost £2000 after refusing to pick up a blind woman and her guide dog, and then driving over her foot as he sped off. 

54 year old Abdul Hamid Hasinyani, was called to pick up Joanna Hearn in July 2017.

The court heard that when Hasinyani saw the dog he drove off with the door still open, running over Ms Hearns foot,  leaving her shaken and injured.

At an initial court hearing in February 2018, Hasinyani pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention. He pleaded not guilty to refusing to carry an assistance dog. He changed his plea on June 4 2018.

The court fined Hasinyani a total of £1945 for driving without due care and refusing to take the guide dog.

He was also ordered to pay £1200 in court costs and £50 victim surcharge.  He also received 8 points on his license.

There was concern from Manchester council as to the level of standard of the Rossendal licensed Uber driver,  whilst Rossendale council have promised to launch an investigation.

There have been serious concerns voiced surrounding cross-border hiring in the UK in relation to any given authorities licensing procedures and the stringency of those procedures, with councils such as Roseendale and Wolverhampton coming under close scrutiny.

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