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Could a clear tint be the answer in protecting yourself against moped attackers

With moped mugging on the increase in London, taxi drivers have never been in a more vulnerable position. The damage that these attacks cause can run into hundreds of pounds, as well as leaving the driver wide open to physical assault once a window has been shattered. As a result of the proliferation of these attacks, TaxiPoint decided to investigate the best way forward as to how drivers may be able to protect themselves. We contacted a company called Eurotint, based in White City, to find out if there was a way of stopping a window from imploding after being attacked with an object. After discussing the requirements needed for a taxi, the consultant at Eurotint suggested that a clear tint may be the way forward. This option may afford a driver some protection against attack, it would not stop the glass from shattering, but it may take several attempts for a would-be attacker to get through the glass, giving the driver enough time to take evasive action, as well as potentially protecting a driver from injury.

The cost for applying the clear tint to the front two windows would be approxinately £150. It is worth remembering there are also many good retailers out their so worth shopping around.

A spokesperson at Transport for London told TaxiPoint: "Anything that protects the safety of drivers without impeding their vision and therefore the safety of their driving, would be welcomed by TfL, providing the manufacturer says it is safe to install on the specific vehicles."

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