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Gridlocked London; “Super-sewer” set to cripple the capital

As London slowly comes to a grinding halt, it's been revealed that Victoria Embankment westbound is to be closed for up to six months, as the new "super-sewer" is installed. The new "super-sewer" will stretch all the way across London, from Acton to Limehouse and will be able to transport the equivalent of an incredible 500 olympic sized swimming pools of effluence across London. As a result of this, the relatively recently installed "cycle super-highway (CSH)" along Victoria Embankment is to be torn up in the process. It is believed that the plans to replace the ageing sewers along the Embankment preceeded the plans to install the "cycle super-highway," but the previous Mayor, Boris Johnson wanted that particualr stretch of the CSH installed before the end of his tenure.

This lack of co-ordination and common-sense may have cost Londoners millions of pounds for absolutely no reason whatsoever. This waste of finance and resources, on the back of the Garden Bridge fiasco has left Londoners wondering as to what the hell is going on at the GLA and TfL. Between the quite frankly insane road schemes that have been erupting across London like a resurgence of the smallpox virus and the utterly barmy "cycle super-highway" schemes being proposed, there is a pretty fair chance that the effluence travelling through the new sewer will make it across London significantly quicker than anybody travelling on London’s roads. Wherever there are roads, gas, electric, fibre optics and water mains, you will have potential roadworks, it is unavoidable, that is accepted. To arbitarily rip up a major thoroughfare, after reducing the road-space for nothing more than an idealistic folly because of a complete lack of co-ordination is utterly unforgivable. So now the question is, will Cannon Street, Gracechurch Street and Eastcheap be fully re-opened as Victoria Embankment close. Will the crass stupidity that is the Bank Junction closure to all traffic except buses and cycles, be opened to taxis whist the Embankment is shut westbound. There has now been talk, not just from taxi drivers, but drivers in general of the possibility of wilfully ignoring some road restrictions, just to facilitate the ability to be able to move on London’s roads... and you cannot blame them. The moment that law-abiding people start speaking of wilfully breaking the law by refusing to comply with certain road restrictions is the moment that those who inflict these schemes on the public need to look at their own actions. A road scheme, a traffic order, or a law foe that matter, is only as good as the publics ability to comply with it. If you force the public to break the law, then those invoking these schemes are bringing the law into disrepute themselves. There is now a clear resentment from the road-using public, who are trying to go about their lawful business against those who are invoking their own agendas where traffic management is concerned and refusing to listen. It is quite clear to anybody with a set of eyeballs in their head that the Mayor, Sadiq Khan, as well as council leaders need to wake up and look at what they have done to London are continuing to do to London, just to satiate their own ego or agenda. London is not working, it is not open for business, it is being slowly strangled. The financial burden attached to some of these non-functiining schemes is eye-watering. The money being flushed away could be better used in repairing the collapsing road network. In the meantime as the "crap" flows freely underground through a shiny new sewer, drivers sit festering in non-moving crap traffic above ground.

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