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Violent thug jailed for beating and strangling taxi driver while he was driving at 70mph

A thug who attacked a taxi driver while they were on a motorway driving at 70mph has been jailed for eight months. Graeme Cox, 30, repeatedly punched and strangled his victim whilst on a journey home from a night out with his girlfriend Ashley McWilliams, nearly causing a huge crash that would of seen all of them in grave danger. Cox, who had been drinking heavily all night while attending a a social function immediately started arguing with the taxi driver, a Mr Ponsonby, as they began their trip. Cox suggested that he had already paid for the journey upfront but the driver said he hadn't. Cox's aggression was clear from the start, taking an "in your face" stance towards his victim. Cox continuously shouted at the driver as they joined the motorway on route to Renfrew. Cox became more and more aggressive eventually lashing out, punching Mr Ponsonby on the left side of his face. The court heard that Cox then grabbed the driver by the neck while he was driving at 70mph. Ms McWilliams frightened for her life shouted "you are going to kill us all". The driver managed to distance himself from Cox, who then opened the passenger door while they were moving before reaching over to punch his victim again. The court heard that on arriving at their destination Ms McWilliams paid the driver and pleaded for him not to report the attack. But later that night police were called to a disturbance when neighbours witnessed Cox attacking McWilliams. He was seen stamping on her body outside the property. The police found Ms McWilliams with marks on her face. She also had no shoes on and her clothes were in a disheveled state. According to a report in the Daily Record , Cox pleaded guilty to charges of culpably and recklessly, while traveling as a passenger, punching Mr Ponsonby at 70mph, seizing him by the throat, opening a door while the vehicle was moving and placing passenger Ms McWilliams at risk of serious harm. He also pleaded guilty to the assault on Ms McWilliams. Sheriff Susan Sinclair sentenced Cox to eight months in jail.

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