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Closed for business. Uber calls time on it's self-driving truck division

Uber has announced it will being stopping its self-driving truck program to focus solely on its cars. According to a report published by the BBC, Uber have said they believe having their entire autonomous team's energy, expertise and focus on their driverless Car section is the best way forward for the company. Uber started their self-driving truck venture two years ago in 2016 with a San Francisco based team and later that year they were the world's first company to deliver a shipment using the autonomous tech. Uber Freight, a separate division of trucking will be unaffected by the decision to stop producing self-driving trucks. Uber Freight aims to link truck drivers with details of nearby available loads, which if suits them, can be accepted as a job.

Uber's ATG (Advanced Technologies Group) will now focus all its energy on driverless cars which has suffered some major sets backs, none more so than the death of a female pedestrian who was knocked over by one of Uber's self driving vehicles which failed to stop. Uber have just last week announced that they will start tests on driverless cars again, but will take things back to "manual mode" which means a human operator will remain in full control of the vehicle at all times. The testing will initially be used to collect data and improve its mapping system.

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