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Man with previous conviction of indecent assault allowed to continue operating as a Private Hire Dri

A man who was convicted of indecent assault on a female under the age of 14 has been told he can continue operating as a private hire driver by Sandwell council. The man, only known as 'Mr S G' was convicted of the offence in 1999 and served three months in jail. Despite guidelines that recommend anyone with previous sexual offences be barred from ever holding a private hire licence, Sandwell council decided to allow Mr S G to continue, stating their decision was based on his good driving record and good character. Minutes from the licensing sub committee meeting which took place last month were made public, with council members saying "each case is reviewed on its own merits". Any details that would identify the man in question were excluded from the public release. Sandwell Council said they were aware of Mr S G's conviction of indecent assault when he first applied for his licence back in 2007. The committee decided that he was a "fit and proper" candidate to hold a private hire licence. According to a report in the BBC, the decision has been criticised by the chairman of the West Midlands Private Hire Drivers Association, Rachel Shah who says no one with a conviction of sexual assault should ever be issued a licensed.  

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