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U.S. authorities seek extradition of ex-Uber driver hiding in Canada accused of raping teenage passe

According to a report released in CTVnews , a former Uber driver fled to Quebec while he was being investigated for a sexual assault on a 19-year-old female passenger in October last year. U.S. authorities are now seeking to extradite the suspect back to America where he will face charges of rape. Ben Azaza, 38, originally from Tunisia and lived in San Francisco, failed to show up to a meeting in March with detectives who were looking into the allegations of rape. Azaza is suspected of picking up the alleged victim from a party and had non consensual sexual intercourse with the 19-year-old woman who was intoxicated. Prosecutors say that the alleged victim woke up in Azaza's bed the following morning. Azaza had denied having sex with the woman, claiming he had allowed her, on her request, to sleep in his car for the night and then he let her in his house the next morning for breakfast and to call for someone to pick her up. Azaza had told authorities that he no longer worked for ride-hailing app Uber and that he would cooperate with investigators to provide a DNA swab, but did not show up. A warrant was issued in June for his arrest on a rape charge. Authorities in Montreal were able to detain Azaza in July after he had filed a complaint about the theft of his identification papers and they noticed an outstanding warrant. According to reports, Azaza is considered an imminent flight risk and U.S. authorities are pressing for extradition. The concern is Canada may send him to his birthplace of Tunisia where the U.S. has no extradition treaty.  

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