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Female robber offered Private Hire Driver sex moments before male accomplice threatened to stab him

A private hire driver from Peterborough who was robbed by a man and a woman says he was offered sex by the female robber for £20. The 30-year-old driver was sitting in his vehicle parked up when the woman, 29-year-old Anneliese Williamson, approached his window and asked to be taken somewhere. The driver said he had to refuse the journey because he's only allowed to accept prebooked jobs but Williamson wasn't taking no for an answer and jumped in the front passenger seat. A 24-year-old male friend, Alex McAllister, approached and demanded the driver take Williamson to an address where he would meet them to pay for the trip. The driver said he did as he was told and took Williamson to her location on Church Walk.


Once arriving at the destination, Williamson offered to have sex with the driver for £20. The victim declined the offer which is when Williamson pinned him against the window and demanded he hand over his money. McAllister then arrived and threatened to stab the driver if he didn't cooperate. Leaning through the window, McAllister hit his victim over the head twice with a glass bottle. The driver managed to force his way out of the vehicle and run free. He called the police who arrived within ten minutes and were able to track down McAllister and Williamson.


Williamson was found in the possession of of two mobile phones and £30 which she had stolen from the driver. Both attackers were also wanted by police in connection with a burglary and attempted theft in Peterborough last year. The pair appeared at Cambridge Crown Court on Wednesday, August 15, for sentencing after being found guilty of of robbery. News source The Peterborough Telegraph confirmed, McAllister was sentenced to four years in prison with an extension of four years on licence. Williamson was sentenced to three years in prison.

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