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Uber set to use bikes instead of cars to combat congestion

It's been revealed that Uber are set to use bikes and scooters to replace private hire vehicles for shorter journeys so as to ease congestion and pollution.

The scheme, which ihas already started in the US could be making its way over to the UK.

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of minicab company Uber, who lost over 3.5 billion dollars last year, has stated that to take somebody a relatively short distance in a car is inefficient, and whilst in the short term, it isn't financially expedient for Uber, long-term, everybody wins.

The Red bikes are already in use in New York, Washington DC and Denver, with move across the Atlantic to the UK in the pipeline.

Unsurprisingly, it is believed that Uber drivers may bare some of the financial burden surrounding Ubers latest move, although Khosrowshahi has stated that after explaining the logic behind the move, drivers have been enthusiastic towards the plan, especially when inforned that drivers will be undertaking longer rides.

No date has been set as to when the UK may see these bikes, if at all.

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