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Uber announce their shortlist of countries to launch flying Taxi service

Uber Technologies Inc announced on Thursday a shortlist of countries that will be considered as future markets to launch a flying taxi service in. Uber Air, is aiming to launch demonstration flights across a number of cities in 2020, with the hopes of having a fully functional paid flying taxi service in operation by 2023. Dallas and Los Angeles have already been selected as the first two cities to launch Uber Air, and now five countries have been named to take the third spot. Japan, France, Brazil, Australia and India are all on the shortlist. Whoever is selected to be Uber's first international location will likely see a flying taxi service in place within the next five years, The Verge said. Uber have a lot of hurdles to jump before a flying taxi service can be fully functional, and with only two years under their belt, you would be forgiven to think their hopes of taking to the skies within five years is a little optimistic. Although battery technology is moving very fast, Uber must somehow figure out a way to have a battery that is both powerful and lightweight enough to handle short flights across city skies. And then there's trust; Uber have not had the smoothest of rides when it comes to passenger safety. Will paying customers feels safe enough in the skies where there really is no room for error. Uber is now set to hold talks with stakeholders in each country to determine who will gain that final spot. The decision is expected to be announced in six months.

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