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Ex-Uber exec Rachel Whetstone could be sued

A former Uber executive is set to sue Rachel Whetstone, former senior vice-president of communications and public policy for Uber for allegedly spreading false rumours.

Business Insider revealed that Eric Alexander, who was fired after it was discovered that he had obtained the medical files of a rape victim, is suing Whetstone for the alleged false rumours which led to his dismissal.

There is, at this time, no documentary evidence to baAlexander’s claims.

The case centres around a 2014 rape case in India, Alexander was the head of Uber's Asia Pacific region.

Alexander had worked with police in New Delhi to get the attacker jailed for life, however it was revealed that the rapist had faved a previous accusation.

The victim then sued Uber, during which time Alexander obtained the victims medical records.

Uber subsequently agreed to an out of court settlement totalling $3 million.

Lawyers representing Alexander believe that Whetstone was responsible for spreading false information in relation to Alexander's response to the rape.

In the past Alexander has publically accused Whetstone of racism, she in turn criticised Alexander over the issue surrounding the medical files.

It is alleged that when Whetstone left Uber in 2017, she insisted that she be protected from disparagement, however this goes against the norm when receiving a payout.

This then became the basis for which Whetstone is being sued, as Alexander was named (amongst others) on a clause pertaining to her final settlement.

The basis of the lawsuit can be read here at Eric Alexander vs Rachel Whetstone

Rachel Whetstone is no stranger ro controversy given her links to former Prime Minister, David Cameron, other members of the Conservative Party, as well as her family links to the Institute of Economic Affairs and The Adam Smith Institute.

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