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Violent brothers jailed for Machete attack on Taxi

Two machete wielding brothers who attacked a taxi while the driver and his passengers sat helplessly inside, have been jailed for a combined total of just over four years at Chester Crown Court. Charles Truman, 25, and Matthew Truman, 22, chased the taxi after it’s passengers shouted towards them through the rear window, and as they stopped at a junction, jumped out their vehicle, a red Vauxhall Corsa, and ran over to the taxi carrying a large machete. The court heard how the passengers, in a panic, shouted for the driver to lock the doors. As the Truman brothers attempted to open the back doors, the taxi driver managed to drive free, but not before the brothers were able to take a swing at the vehicle, leaving it with an indentation in the paint and metal work. In a victim statement, the taxi driver said the attack was “very stressful” and has left him concerned about going to work. It has also left his wife worried about his safety. According to a report in the Chester Standard, the damage to the vehicle cost £1,391 and the driver lost three days earnings while repairs were undertaken. Charles Truman, who had 23 convictions for 35 previous offences, was sentenced to two years in jail with an additional month for breach of a current restraining order. Matthew Truman, who has previous convictions including burglary, assault, wounding and possessing an offensive weapon, was also sentenced to two years in jail. The incident was caught on CCTV along with dashcam footage, which was used to arrest both brothers.

Detective Constable Chris Scott, of Chester CID, said: "The Trumans instilled fear in an innocent taxi driver who was simply carrying out his job in taking a fare. “The attack was so frightening and violent it left the driver badly shaken and worried about what was going to happen but the incident could have led to people being harmed and seriously injured. “Due to the extensive CCTV footage showing Charles and Matthew committing the offence they had no choice but to admit to their crime and today justice has been served"  

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