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Uber advocate congestion charge zones in New York

A London style congestion charge zone could be set to hit the streets of New York, with Uber advocating such a project.

Uber, who had their wings clipped in New York only a couple of months ago after a cap on the number of private hire vehicles was imposed, are proposing a $10 million investment, over three years to assist in tackling New York's ever-increasing congestion problem.

CNBC reported that Uber's main focus for the "campaign for sustained mobility" will be to lobby for congestion charging, with fees raised going back into the New York public transport service.

In the past Uber have unsuccessfully campaigned for congestion charging to be imposed on New York's streets, however the minicab giant believe that this is the way forward to solving the major traffic issues which blight the city.

It is believed that the congestion in New York could cost the city's public transport system, in-excess of $100 billion over the next half-decade, however it is also believed that  $1.5 billion could be raised annually if congestion charging is brought in, according to a fixNYC report.

Uber hasn't clarified as to whether any congestion charge fee would apply to its drivers or be passed on to passengers using its platform.

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