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Passenger of Addison Lee Minicab brings vehicle to a halt after driver has a heart attack on busy Lo

An Addison Lee private hire driver has had a heart attack whilst behind the wheel of his vehicle on one of London’s busiest roads. The unnamed driver fell ill on Euston road, not far from London St Pancras station. The passenger of the Addison Lee vehicle frantically took to the wheel of the Ford Galaxy, bringing it to a halt outside the British Library. Once the vehicle had stopped, the passenger jumped out and was able to flag down a passing ambulance. According to a report by Lucas Cumiskey in the HamHigh, paramedics pulled the driver out of his window and performed CPR and shocked his chest. He was then taken in the ambulance straight to hospital. A spokesperson for Addison Lee released a statement saying:

“One of our drivers unfortunately suffered a heart attack while on a journey today. “We have established contact with the driver’s family who are aware that he is in a stable condition and currently recovering in hospital. “Thankfully, the driver brought the car to a halt safely on the side of the road, ensuring no one was hurt in the incident. “We are grateful to the passenger who flagged down a passing ambulance before leaving the vehicle by the time our team arrived – we are currently following up with the passenger to check on their well being. “We will continue to monitor the driver’s condition and provide assistance as needed.”


Gallal Sleiman, who helped paramedics pull the driver from the vehicle and assist with CPR, contacted TaxiPoint to confirm that the driver has been diagnosed as suffering a stroke and is now in a stable condition. 

Paramedics said:

"If we didn't respond as fast as we did, he[the driver] may have passed away" 

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