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Calls for tough new legislation to combat dangerous cyclists

With the number of pedestrians injured rising to its highest level for half a decade, there are fresh calls to bring in new laws to combat dangerous cycling.

According to The Times a recent Department for Transport report highlighted that there were 531 people in reported collisions with cyclists in 2017. Of that figure, 120 pedestrians were injured and 3 were killed.

Those figures represent a 15% increase in just 12 months with the figure reaching its highest level since statistics involving cyclists and pedestrians were first recorded in 2013.

The government is preparing a bill to legislate for death by dangerous cycling, which was first proposed after Kim Briggs was killed by Charlie Alliston, who was riding a fixed wheel bicycle with no front brake.

Members of various cycling groups are condemning the new legislation, claiming that cyclists cause only a tiny fraction of all road accidents in the UK, however, many road users and pedestrians have expressed concerns surrounding the lack of accountability afforded to cyclists.

In August he DfT launched a consultation looking at the tightening up legislation and examining the introduction of new cycling offences as well as investing £100 million through the safer roads fund.

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