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Uber driver fined over £2,000 for illegally plying for hire in Essex

An Uber driver has been fined for illegally plying for hire in Basildon and driving without insurance following a crackdown by the council’s licensing team who were assisted by Essex police. Uber driver, Raja-Nouman Abbassi, 42, was given a Band C fine of £550, a victim surcharge of £55 and full costs of £2,240. According to a report in the Echo News, Abbassi was also given six penalty points on his driving licence. The successful prosecution was congratulated by the chairman of Basildon’s Council Licensing Committee Peter Holliman, who said it was good news for public safety as any driver who illegally takes a fare immediately invalidates his/her insurance. Holliman continued by saying the prosecution sends out a clear message that Basildon Council will not tolerate illegal touting for business.  

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