Taxi drivers stage successful protest outside Train station after they were banned from using toilet

Taxi drivers in Stoke-on Trent have staged a demo outside the towns main railway station to protest against the decision to ban them from using the toilet facilities.

Drivers say that the new station official told them they can no longer use the station toilets on the platforms, which has left them with the only option to use the toilets nearby in the North Stafford Hotel. But the cabbies feel that they should be allowed access to the stations facilities because they pay £300-a-year for a permit to ply for hire at the station. Stoke-on-Trent cab drivers have been using these facilities for more than 30 years without any issues, so decided to stage a protest to show their discontent. The cabbies believe that they should be treated no differently to the stations staff and be granted access to the toilets, with some drivers even stressing that those with kidney problems need easy access for toilet breaks for health reasons. One driver who has worked the station rank for more than 10 years told StokeonTrent Live, that because he is a diabetic he needs to use the toilet more often than most and said that it would be a ten mile round trip if he was forced to drive home every time. The protest has seemed to of worked because Virgin Trains has apologised for the confusion and granted the drivers the same access to the station toilets as they had previously. One of the biggest problems for many taxi drivers across the UK is restroom facilities. Whether its because of lack of toilets or parking issues, many cabbies struggle to find suitable locations for regular toilet breaks. Holding in urine on a regular basis can lead to medical complications. It’s important to build relationships with those who are able to grant access to their facilities so to avoid such problems in the future. Which city or town to you work in? Do you have easy access to restroom facilities? If not, have you approached your licensing authority to discuss how the problem can be solved?
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