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The phantom soiler strikes again as Uber fine woman for "not" vomiting in a vehicle

A Liverpool woman who undertook a journey in an Uber has been forced to pay an £80 soiling charge by the minicab giant for allegedly vomiting in the vehicle. The woman however strongly denies ever vomiting in the vehicle.

In what seems to be a growing issue with the ride-hailing app, 19-year-old Elishia Thompson and her boyfriend Bradley Darnell have been fighting with the company to get the charge refunded

Elisha, who was moving home that day, had booked the Uber to take her and a television to an address in Everton from Haleswood.

She claimed that upon arrival at her destination, she was issued a receipt for £6.69 for the journey, however when she checked her bank balance she was shocked to find that uber had taken £86.69 from her bank account.

When Elishia queried this she was informed by Uber that there was an £80 soiling charge after she had allegedly vomited in the vehicle, and then supplied her with photographic evidence.

The soiling accusation has been strenuously denied by Elishia, stating that the imagary submitted by Uber bore no resemblance to her journey. 

Ms Thompson has also submitted evidence to the  Liverpool Echo which shows that Uber have even denied ever taking any money from her account.

Ubwr have not commented on the issue as the dispute rumbles on.

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