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London sees a dramatic increase in people killed or seriously injured on the capitals roads

London has seen a dramatic increase in the number of pedestrians and cyclists who have been involved in serious accidents on the capitals roads.

It was revealed in the Evening Standard that 1220 people have been killed or seriously injured, representing a 26% increase on the previous year.

31 people have been killed on the road, up from 28 on the previous year, this number includes 5 cyclists. A report revealed that incidents involving cyclists rose by 83%, from 153 to 280, as well as an increase in accidents involving motorbikes and scooters, up from 288 to 345.

3 of the pedestrian fatalities involved collisions with TfL buses, whilst the majority of incidents involving cyclists were attributed to collisions with cars.

London has seen a 7.5% increase in cycling, but there is concern that TfL are failing to spend money set aside to make roads safer.

Despite a £142m war-chest to make pedestrians and cyclists safer, TfL have underspent theor budget for the last three years.

The figures, which are provisional are likely to reduce once they had been verified by the police, with a number of serious injuries reclassified as minor injuries.

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